Chocolate Shake

For Parties!!

1 serving of Chocolate flavour Formula 1
1 medium banana
1 pot of coconut yoghurt
Four ice cubes (optional)

Blend until smooth (Approx 350 calories)

Malted Milk Smoothiemalted

2 tbs.Formula 1, chocolate flavour
1 c. fat-free milk
2 tbs. malted milk powder
1 c. ice1 tsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Sprinkle with cocoa powder to garnish.

Creamy Chocolate Shake

10 oz. very cold water
3 tbs. Formula 1 Chocolate flavor
1 tbs. Formula 3 Blended Soy
2 to 3 ice cubes

Blend on high until rich and creamy.

My Own Personal Recipe

1 cup guava juice
1 cup apple/blackcurrant
1 cup very cold water
2 tablespoon Formula 1 Chocolate
1 tablespoon Formula 3 blended soy
2 tablespoon OATS
2 tablesooon nestum

Blend all until smooth and creamy.


  1. Three simple ingredients are all it takes to make an easy homemade chocolate milkshake. They’re in your kitchen calling your name right now. Vanilla ice cream, ice cold milk, HERSHEY’S Syrup. Blend them together and pour into a tall glass. Sit back, sip and relax. Bake Happy all season long with new recipes, money-saving coupons and helpful tips delivered to your inbox.

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